Thinking about fixing the federal goverment

I think my local county dump is more efficient and customer friendly than any federal agency. Instead of just complaining…which I do…I decided it is time for me to think and write about what can be done to fix the federal government. Since I also think most of the problems start with Congress, most of my suggestions start there.

I have had staff jobs in two state legislatures, the U.S. House, and the U.S. Senate. I left my last staff job at the beginning of 1991 and have been self employed ever since as a research consultant with clients in government, politics, corporations, investors, shareholder groups, hospitals, veterans groups, authors and individuals. No deep expertise in any one field and no credentials beyond those of an average citizen who hears the clock ticking.   

The usual ideas about fixing the federal government invovle tossing out the old crowd and electing a new one or amending laws and regulations to improve or correct something. The focus is on what people in government are doing, or not doing. That misses all the rest of us, who are also part of the problem. Would there be a $34 trillion deficit if we did not tolerate it?

Congress, in my view, is motivated and controlled by only two things — politics and the constituition. Everything else — laws, rules, tradition are easily changed or ignored. Congress jumps to attention when a large number of voters get mad about something. But the anger passes and we fall back to business as usual.

So for ourselves, the Congress, and the government I think we need a set of new ground rules — amendments to the Constitution. This blog is about those amendments and how to get them enacted.